SAP Weighbridge Integration

This weighbridge solution eliminates the manual interference to SAP for weight capture that ultimately reduces incorrect manual entering process and hence saves and record real time data inputs, whilst the integration of the same with respective software entitles fetching of the same data to make various decisions correctly.

Supply chain logistics is a significant part of every organization that enables the organization to efficiently distribute a range of products and material, wherein the weighing of goods is the most critical process and to efficiently deal with thereof, we are here with an exceptional weighbridge automation solution that enables end users to weigh every inbound and outbound process automatically.

VSD Technologies is illustrious in the industries for providing cutting edge solution associated with weighbridge automation, is apparent from the below mentioned successful venture of the weight bridge integration, carried out for one of the prestigious clients. This weighbridge solution is designed to capture the weighing data in the weighbridge software database with proper format.

Besides, VSD Technologies also provides service for the integration of SAP weighbridge interface with the operational software in use (ERP / SAP / Oracle / MySQL / MSSQL) for the migration of the capture weight data to the key person within the organization.

Serves Customer with Different Pieces of evidence/ Emails and SMS

Along with this, the Weighbridge Integration also takes snapshots while the vehicle enters and while it leaves the premises providing information on the following:

1. Vehicle number snapshot

2. Driver snapshot

3. Material snapshot

4. Weighbridge snapshot