SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is a complete, end-to-end SaaS solution that offers all the analytics capabilities like business intelligence, enterprise planning and augmented analytics all in one place for better business outcomes.

The SAP Analytics Cloud solution helps you move towards becoming an intelligent enterprise. It offers analytics for all users on one platform, in one user experience. In the boardroom, at the office, or with a customer, you can discover, analyze, plan, predict, and collaborate to make complete, contextual, and confident decisions. Users can access all data, semantics, and business logic on their own, to turn formerly hidden insights into the well-advised actions that enhance business outcomes.

Why choose SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud helps all types of decision-makers to improve decision-making with all analytics capabilities in one place allowing you to make smarter and faster decisions with AI-driven insights.

It also helps you get enterprise-ready insights and take action in the context of business processes. It seamlessly integrates intelligent technologies like machine learning, predictive analytics and conversational AI into analytics to understand the business with greater clarity.

Data Access

Data Modeling

This allows data preparation with additional features such as adding indicators, inserting formulas as well as modifying values of recovered characteristics.


The planning section of SAC enables the combination of both your financial and your operational statements in the same tool for a complete and clear view of your current state.

Budget planning versions can be created and modified from existing financial statements. The provided machine learning and predictive forecasting tools can help anticipate your financials for future dates. Also available is the popular "What If" mode for performing simulations.