SAP Business One Support has developed an Integrated Implementation and Operation Concept that enables certified SAP Business One partners and their customers to implement and operate a stable and reliable SAP Business One system. Two categories of activities that must be handled in parallel already during the implementation phase are:

Implementation Management

This includes all activities that support the implementation of the system and the configuration of the business processes.

Solution Management

This includes all activities that prepare the customer to operate the system permanently with minimal total costs of ownership.

The methodology consist of five steps:
  1. Analysis and Design
  2. Installation and Configuration
  3. Training
  4. Handover
  5. Operations and Improvements

An Implementation and Operation Guide and Customer Project Documentation support you during all steps.

The Implementation Guide includes several guidelines that describe all necessary tasks for your SAP Business One implementation project such as

In the Service Level Agreement, the partner and the customer agree on the operational tasks that will be fulfilled by the customer or by the partner. The Service Level Agreement should specify exactly who is responsible for each task.

To add solutions, you can use two tools:

The SDK is provided in two versions:

1 - Implementation Version

The implementation version can be used to add individual customer requirements (for example, changing the screen layout) without changing the business logic of SAP Business One.

2 - Development Version

The development version can be used to develop Add-on solutions to interface with SAP Business One.

Going Live Check:

Before going live with SAP Business One, the partner should perform the Going Live Check to ensure that important requirements for Going Live are fulfilled. During the productive phase there will be some ongoing activities that have to be performed either by the partner or the customer himself.